Friday, May 23, 2008

Bookstore Etiquette: Lesson #1

So having worked at a bookstore now for over 7 months I've come to realize that people do not understand basic etiquette when it comes to shopping for books. I have decided to use some funny (yet oh so true) comics from the lovely web comic .

#1: If you have a book you are looking for...Know the book the title and or author of the book!!!!
Yes we work in a bookstore but no....we don't know the title, author, plot, or celebrity endorsement of everybook in the store. Ok you might get lucky but unless its a best we don't know what you are looking for if you don't even know. The whole idea of customer service being considerate should also apply to the customers. Yes we are here to serve you, but no we are not an outlet for your ire when we can't answer your questions. This goes for phone inquiries too.

ok I was going to do a few of these in this post but I think this will be an ongoing thing. I may even start telling funny true events I have had at my 2nd job. I still think my favorite goes along well with this lesson:

customer: "I'm looking for a book." Proceeds to look at me silently and simply blink.
Me: "Well....we might have a few of those...let me go check in back." this is my new favorite standard answer.

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