Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Started

Well hello. This is the maiden voyage of my attempt at sharing my vast reading collection. Or at least sharing informantion about it. I'm a 26-year-old recently graduated unemployed certified seconday english teacher. That makes me sound both impressive and a bit pathetic all at the same time. Oh well. I also work part time at a bookstore. These two combined with my life long love affair with books have led me to having more books than clothes and very minimal space for anything in my room that isn't binding and paper.

In this blog you will find my thoughts and opinions on the different books that make their way to my shelves. I am an avid Romance reader, a Young Adult book enthusiast, and a fan of Urban and Sci-Fi Fantasy. Mind you, I'm not limited to those by any means but they are what I prefer to read in my space time.

So let me tell you how this is going to be set up. In the Title line I will give you the title of the book and the author followed by the section of the bookstore you are most likely to find the book. I'll usually try to provide a picture of the cover and give you a run down on the book plot and characters. After that will be my free form babbling about what I like or don't like about what I read. See. Simple.

Now as I work with kids throughout the summer I hope to gather more titles and new authors to my ever expanding list but please feel free to send me any suggestions you might have as well.

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